Membrane Bioreactor Plants Provide Customers with a Complete MBR Solution

Membrane Switch News, Koch announcementWilmington, Mass. – Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. (KMS), a pioneer in membrane technology filtration systems, engineering and process expertise for close to half a century, has announced the launch of its new PURON® PLUS MBR Packaged System.  The PURON® PLUS MBR Packaged System, a skid-mounted packaged plant, provides customers with a full scope of supply from prescreening and biological treatment through to the final membrane clarification step.

“These skid mounted systems are designed for both industrial and municipal wastewater needs and offer customers a complete and cost-effective solution for MBR requirements,” says Imran Jaferey, vice president of water and wastewater at KMS.  “Each system offers customers a modular, small footprint solution which has been optimized for effluent requirements.”

The pre-engineered membrane bioreactor plants are available with capacities ranging from 5,000 to 100,000 GPD and feature PURON MBR membrane modules.  The PURON MBR modules feature improved membrane density, reduced air scour requirements, and simplified installation compared to first-generation MBR membrane module designs.

“We have seen tremendous growth in our single header PURON MBR modules throughout the world,” says Jaferey.  “These new pre-engineered packaged systems will allow customers the ability to single source an MBR system from one company if need be.  KMS supports each system with process and design expertise allowing for a fast installation and startup.”

About Koch Membrane Systems
Koch Membrane Systems, Inc. has been a global leader in membrane filtration technology and engineering support for close to half a century.  KMS offers a wide range of products and engineering services which span industrial applications in food and life sciences, industrial processes and water & wastewater. As a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art membrane elements as well as complete membrane systems, KMS is specified for some of the most demanding applications.

KMS offers comprehensive process engineering design, piloting and field service expertise.  With an install base approaching 20,000 systems throughout the world, KMS is setting the standard as a comprehensive solutions provider for membrane technology.

Based in Wilmington, Mass., Koch Membrane Systems is a Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC company. For more information on Koch Membrane Systems and its full line of membranes and accessory products, visit www.kochmembrane.com, call 1-888-677-5624 or write to info@kochmembrane.com.


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