Advanced film component solution for touch screen & display technology

Solutia Inc. the world’s leading producer of high-value precision-coated film and film components, and a leading supplier of high-quality, aftermarket window films, is excited to announce that its technologically advanced films used in electronics, energy and other specialty applications will now be sold under the Flexvue™ brand.

Part of Solutia’s Performance Films division, formerly known as CPFilms, the Flexvue brand leverages over 50 years of product development and manufacturing experience to produce technologically advanced films for a variety of performance products. Flexvue films are used in applications such as: touch screens, electronic displays, energy products, medical devices, and solar control window films.

“Touch screen technology has quickly established itself as the preferred interface in consumer electronics applications and devices,” said Scott Morris, Vice President – Precision Coatings, Solutia Performance Films. “Flexvue films are positioned to play a leading role as e-readers and other flexible displays cross the chasm into mainstream adoption. Our films are designed to streamline manufacturing processes to help lower the cost of ownership, making these technologies more accessible to the everyday consumer.”

Recognizing the unique needs of performance-technology customers, Flexvue films deliver custom solutions for specialty film requirements. Distinctive abilities include index matching colors, hiding etch patterns, and producing crystalline sputtered ITO on films. Index matched “Invisible”, “Low Color b”, and durable Crystalline ITO films were all recently developed to meet the demanding requirements of this latest generation of touch panels. These capabilities produce films with higher visible light transmissions (VLT) and superior contrast ratios – making the displays that use touch panels clearer and easier to read.

“Our team works directly with customers, manufacturers and designers to provide solutions to their unique application needs, such as coating chemistry and substrate type,” explains Morris. “We offer the widest array of film capabilities, including coating and laminating, vacuum metallizing and sputtering, and deep-dying. Additionally, all our films are produced in a clean-room environment to help ensure consistent quality and yield within a roll and from roll-to-roll. This capability provides added value to our customers, saving them time and costs while also helping to ensure seamless product development in an efficient process.”

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