Snaptron offer Tactile Domes With Built in Actuator

Snaptron Inc, LogoTactile Domes with Built in ActuatorSnaptron has introduced an innovative, new tactile dome design featuring a reverse dimple on top of the dome that serves as a built-in actuator. Named the TC-Series, for “Tactile Concentrator”, these metal domes provide new benefits in tactile switch keypad designs. The TC-Series domes improve switch performance over typical metal domes in several ways.

Using the TC-Series domes in conjunction with an oversized actuator has a negligible adverse effect on actuation force and tactile ratio. They also perform more consistently than conventional metal domes if an actuator is located off-center (as long as it is positioned over the concentrator).

Snaptron currently offers a 6mm, 240g TC dome (TCG06240) and is under development for additional size/force TC-Series domes. For more information please contact Snaptron at 970.686.5682 or

Snaptron Graph
The chart above shows the affect that a misaligned actuator has on tactile ratio when a conventional metal dome is compared to a tactile concentrator metal dome.

In this example, a .100” (2.54mm) actuator is used on a 6mm conventional dome (red line) and a 6mm tactile concentrator dome (blue line). The conventional dome shows increasing degradation with every increment away from the center of the dome. The tactile concentrator offsets this degradation.


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