Creative Materials launches silver ink for fine line printing

Silver Ink For PriningCreative Materials, Inc, a leading manufacturer of electrically conductiv inks, coating and adhesives, has introduced a fine line screen printable, electrically conductive silver ink, 125-13. This unique product has a sheet resistivity of 15 milliohm per square/mil and is suited for many printed electronic applications where fine line definition is a key performance property. 125-13 adheres to a wide variety of substrates including excellent adhesion to polyester, polyimide and glass.

According to tests conducted by CMI, 125-13 can be to be printed at very fine line widths and spaces of 3-4 mils (75-100 microns).

125-13 is designed for such applications as radio frequency identification devices (RFID), flexible circuits, polymer thick film circuitry and membrane switches. For most applications good results are achieved when cured for several minutes at 105°C to 120°C. In variety applications, including printed electronics, CMI’s 125-13 is exceptionally resistant to flexing and creasing and offers excellent hydrolytic stability.

CMI’s conductive silver ink for fine line printing is currently available and is customizable to suit a variety of needs and applications. For more information, please contact Creative Materials @ 800-560-5667, email or visit us on the web at .

To view the datasheet:

About Creative Materials, Inc.
Creative Materials, Inc. develops and markets specialty chemical products to customers world-wide. Founded in 1986, Creative Materials has its headquarters and production facilities in Tyngsboro, Massachusetts. Products from Creative Materials are used to manufacture electronic components for automobiles, computers, keyboards, and cell phones; medical electrodes and medical instruments; heating equipment; and aerospace devices. Creative Materials offers more than 1000 product formulations, and is ISO 9001 certified. For more information about Creative Materials visit

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