Mekoprint widens its Membrane Switch repertoire

Meko Membrane SwitchesMekoprint of Støvring, Denmark, develops and manufactures unique, customer-specific components and total solutions in the area of plastic solutions (membrane switches and keyboards, flexprints, nameplates, graphic overlays) and metal solutions (instrument boxes, cabinets, front panels, precision-milled aluminium parts, chemically milled and punched out components, nameplates and scales).

Worldwide the company has 450 employees in four divisions, which master individual core technologies such as design, serigraphy, mechanical processing, surface treatment and mounting. Furthermore, Mekoprint cooperates with an extensive global network of raw material and components suppliers as well as a series of highly specialized sub-suppliers. As a result, Mekoprint is able to provide individual, combination or total solutions.

Mekoprint is a printing company specialising in rotary screen printing which also has electroplating capability for gold and nickel, die cutting and lamination facilities.

Speaking at LOPE-C in Frankfurt this week, Division Manager Karsten Ries of Mekoprint Graphic Electronics said that his company has been printing mobile phone antennas, mobile phone speaker membranes, antennas in side view mirrors of cars and RFID antennas for many years.

He also adds that in a development program with the National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy in Denmark that has now run for four years, an outdoor trial of organic photovoltaics has now been created. It has efficiency of fewer than three percent. However, he cautioned that feeding the grid with such technology is unlikely to be viable for many years. In answer to a question, he said that the only impediment to commercialisation is cost. Product life in glass was said to be many years. Printed e-paper display price tags and printed oxygen sensors are also being brought to market with the aid of partners.

Thanks to the market introduction of new and unique anti-microbial PET foil, Mekoprint electronics have introduced their long recognized front foils and membrane keyboards – now with built-in Microban® Antimicrobial protection preventing the growth of potentially harmful bacteria, mould and mildew.

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