Automation Alternatives resleases second generation laser cutter

Automation Alternatives has established over 100 clients on three continents. We have supplied subsequent automation solutions to over 60 of these clients. We believe that excellence in service is the foundation of a long-lasting relationship with our customers. Many innovative solutions we brought to the market resulted from our close relationship with our cutomers and our eagerness to listen to them.

Since releasing our second generation of laser cutting machines we have repeatedly heard good comments from our clients.

Here is a comment from one of our users:
“Not only do the Laser Machines live up to their performance, it is the service that is provided by your company that is top notch in my book.  Hallmark nameplate made a good find when you showed us what your machines can do at the Orlando trade show back in 2008.  Not only do we have two of your machines, we are now looking to buy a third.  On average our two Flex lasers run nonstop about 11 to 12 hours a day.  We have other lasers in house made by different manufactures, but your product by far is the best.  Thank you for the great quality you and your company provide and hope to see you soon.”

Randy L. Hawkins
Engineering Department Manager
Hallmark Nameplate, Inc.

For additional comments from our users download our PDF

Here is a short list of strengths we can offer versus our competition.
1.      Unparalleled technical support after sales services.
2.      Competitive installed and lowest maintenance costs,
3.      A wide range of options covering almost every application.
4.      Inline or standalone applications.
5.      Most accurate and repeatable cutting, motion driven by zero backlash lead screws, not belts.
6.      Completely stain free cutting of difficult-to-cut materials like polycarbonate and Lexan without a pre-mask.
7.      Integral accurate and flexible vision system as standard feature on all lasers.
8.      Z-axis motion for on-the-fly auto focus feature.

Compare this to what our competition offers, let us cut some of your most difficult parts and show you the result.


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