Revolutionary Membrane Switch Technology: Feel of Capacitive Switch at Fraction of Cost

SensTouch, Membrane Switch Technology, gives you the feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost. For Remote Controls, Household Appliances, Industrial Controls, Medical, Automotive and more.

senstouchMaxTech Circuit, the membrane switch innovators, is pleased to introduce SensTouch Technology, a unique switch array that mimics a the feel of a capacitive touch switch.

SensTouch utilizes a patented membrane switch technology to revolutionize the way traditional membrane switches are embraced. The technology creates a lightweight switch that requires very low actuation force to activate, similar to that of a capacitive touch screen. This light-touch actuation adds simple elegance while maintaining functionality at a lower cost than traditional capacitive touch switches.

SensTouch also permits the use of thicker overlay materials providing a smooth glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look. SensTouch technology allows for an elegant and effective interface with any number of products.

Using our revolutionary conductive ink switch technology, SensTouch creates a new world of switch possibilities. SensTouch enables designers to create user interfaces limited only by their imagination.

About MaxTech Circuit
MaxTech Circuit, a Local US based membrane switch designer with Global membrane switch manufacturing, has its headquarters in Kirkland Washington, with factories in Guangzhou China, close to Hong Kong.

Founded in 2005 MaxTech is owned by experienced Membrane Switch and application engineer professionals from the United States, China, Canada and Hong Kong.

Experienced with membrane switch rapid prototyping, design and application  makes it easy to put a custom product to market.

Contact MaxTech Circuit about SensTouch Technology today.

SensTouch Technology

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