Automation Alternatives Introduces FlexLaser III

Automation Alternatives Introduces its new FlexLaser III laser cutter system.

This new generation is 2-3 times Faster than the current FlexLaser II, and is 2-6 times faster than the closest competition.

All of the standard features that made FlexLaser II, have been retained in this new design, including:

  • Automatic Vision Registration, with multi-color background lighting (for optimal contrast)
  • No Clean Vane table (eliminates/reduces cleanup) and Quick change Honeycomb table for thin materials.
  • Ability to cut difficult materials like Polycarb’s, Without pre-masking!
  • Kiss-Cutting  capable
  • Variable speed, power and frequency changes on the fly
  • Programmable Z axis for cutting varying thicknesses within the program

In addition there are awesome new features for FlexLaser III, and include:

  • Vastly increased Speed and Capable of Micron precision accuracy on both size and position as well
  • The smoothest edge quality available, due to high resolution motors drives
  • The most accurate and fastest travelling beam system of its kind. Additionally, edge quality, surface finish, superior dimensional tolerances rival any of the current travelling beam systems available, and leave Galvanometer Lasers beyond reach of these traits.

All this has been achieved while retaining the robust structure of FlexLaser II,  while only fractionally increasing the cost. Imagine, multiple FlexLaser III’s placed on your site at a lower installed cost than one Galvo based system, with more throughput, flexibility, cut quality and accuracy!

Sheet Feeders and Web feeders are available as option for repetitive high throughput applications, that demand quality and precision

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.

Automation Alternatives

397 Humberline Drive, Unit 7
Toronto, ON Canada M9W 5T5
(416) 674-7511

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