MaxTech Circuit Manufactures SensTouch Circuitboards

MaxTech Circuit, the Membrane Switch Innovators, are pleased to present SensTouch a revolutionary Printed Electronics technology that re-create the feel of a capacitive switch at a fraction of the cost.

also achieves a low actuation force using a patented resistive non-tactile construction.

Besides considerable cost savings Senstouch offers many other benefits such as Ultra-Thin Design possibilities, Quick closure response, Low actuation force, Simplified electronics vs. capacitive technologies and much more.

SensTouch is easy to implement with controller electronics and its tightly spaced contact pad capabilities allow for multiple design options.

SensTouch is also revolutionary by allowing full functionality when actuated with gloves or other non-metallic actuator.

SensTouch also permits use of thicker overlay materials providing a smooth glass-like finish or brushed metallic finish for a stainless steel look.

SenseTouch specifications

Contact Us for a free sample or product presentation.

MaxTech Circuit


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