Automation Alternatives Introduces FlexAblaser, A Polymer film Ablation Machine

FlexAblaser, is the newest laser offering from Automation Alternatives. It is capable of fine line and mass ablation of common film polymers. Developed primarily for ITO ablation, this new system is capable of micro-ablating other conductive and non-conductive inks, including silver and carbon. A solid silver, carbon or carbon over silver print can be rapidly converted into a high definition circuit by FlexAblaser. Something impossible to do with conventional screen printing or ink jet processes.

Illustration showing Ablated carbon on PET film

Separation between conductors can be as small as 30 micron (1.2 mil).  Standard Algorithms are available for 100 and 200 microns of separation. Other ablation widths can be programmed and stored in a library for use in other applications. Mass ablation patterns can also be easily created by the software. Whether for Production or Prototyping, FlexAblaser’s low cost of entry to demanding markets will surprise you.

Example of Silver ablation from 5 mil polyester. Excellent for fine line definition of 0.25mm pitch tails and Prototype production.




Automation Alternatives
(416) 674-7511

397 Humberline Drive, Unit 7
Toronto ON
Canada M9W 5T5

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