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MaxTech Circuit Has Harsh Environment, Membrane Switch Products

By admin

MaxTech Circuit announces MetalTouchtm Membrane Switch Products. MaxTech Circuits’s MetalTouchtm products are specifically designed for harsh environments and are perfect for outdoor, chemical, food and applications that require a durable clean image. Our Harsh Environment Membrane Switch Products can be used in situations where weather, security or durability is of primary importance. Our rugged...read more »

MaxTech Circuit Announces New MaxFilm Backlighting Technique

By admin

MaxTech Circuit, the Membrane Switch Innovators are pleased to announce the release of their newest product, MaxFilm Backlighting. MaxFilm is a revolutionary new technique of adding illumination to icons and large areas of membrane switch graphics without the high cost and limitations of other back-lighting methods such as fiber optics or electroluminescence. The technique...read more »

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